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A journey marked by performance and progress

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GAEP, a subsidiary of RP Group of Companies headquartered in Bahrain, operates as a High Value Execution center in Chennai’s industrial hub, Kosmo One. Specializing in engineering and project services, we have experts for full-scale construction and EPC jobs. HVEC, the offshore One Stop Solution for “Project Services,” offers cost-effective, high-skilled support from proposal to project close-out.

We strive to be the Go-To Partner for NextGen services, prioritizing operational excellence, productivity, and ROI, while integrating advanced technology for seamless business processes. The company is dedicated to delivering innovative, sustainable solutions with a focus on environmental stewardship and safety. Additionally, HVEC aims to provide an exceptional working culture and global project exposure in the Energy and Infrastructure sector.

Our Story

Established in the 1970s, RP Group has expanded to include 20 Companies and 4 affiliated organizations. With a strong four-decade presence in the Middle East, the Group operates across 9 countries, overseeing projects valued at over $25 Billion. It employs a skilled workforce of over 150,000 professionals, and has diversified into Real Estate development, Hotels & Hospitality, and Travel & Tourism from its roots in construction. GAEP was established as the offshore entity dedicated to delivering effective project-control support and execution.

Years Of Experience
Our Story

Our Mission

To streamline and optimize GAEP’s operations through innovative processes, advanced technology, and a highly skilled team. GAEP will aim to deliver shared services for RP group companies and our esteemed clientele in a seamless manner through administrative support, financial savings, and logistical solutions that enable our front-line teams to focus on delivering high-quality projects, exceeding client expectations, and driving sustainable growth.

Our Vision

To develop GAEP as a premier office of RP group of companies, providing exceptional support and efficiency to enhance the success of our company and our clients. We aim to support nations in building world-class infrastructure and enhance the prosperity of every community that we operate in.

Our People

Dr. Ravi Pillai is the Chairman and Managing Director of the RP Group of Companies, a diverse conglomerate with a turnover surpassing USD 3.2 billion in revenue each year.

He is a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist known for his significant contributions to the fields of construction and hospitality. Dr. Pillai has built an empire that spans across several countries, with a strong focus on the Middle East. Under his leadership, the RP Group has become a global conglomerate with diversified interests in construction, real estate, healthcare, and education, making it one of the most influential business entities in the region. Dr. Pillai’s excellent leadership and impressive accomplishments have earned him prestigious awards from the Indian Government. In 2008, he received the Pravasi Bhartiya Samman, and in 2010, he received the Padma Shri, for his contribution to the society.

Besides his great work in business, Dr. Pillai has also been an active contributor to the education sector. He received an honorary doctorate from Excelsior College in New York City. This recognition underlines not only his prowess in the business world but also his commitment to education and knowledge dissemination. Dr. Pillai’s multifaceted achievements serve as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the betterment of various sectors on a global scale.

Mr. Ganesh Ravi Pillai is the son of the prominent industrialist and construction magnate Dr. Ravi Pillai and his wife Geetha Ravi Pillai. He presently holds the role of Executive Director at RP Group of Companies,  a conglomerate that encompasses various sectors, including construction and infrastructure, real estate development, hotels and hospitality, healthcare and wellness, education, information technology, trading, and retail, and employs over 150,000 individuals.

In 2013, Ganesh relocated to Spain to pursue his MBA at the esteemed IE Business School. He officially joined the family business in January 2015 as the Executive Director. Currently, Ganesh is responsible for guiding the Group’s global expansion and setting its strategic course. During his tenure at RP Group, he has successfully introduced resource planning systems and facilitated the company’s ventures into real estate, education, and technology.

Ganesh is at the forefront of RP Group’s efforts to solidify its position as a leading and diversified business entity.

Currently serving as Senior Vice President, Suresh A. oversees all of RP Group’s operations, leveraging his strategic vision and industry expertise to guide the group’s growth and success. In addition to his corporate role, he is a Board of Directors member at GAEP, showcasing his dedication to industry leadership.

Suresh A, a seasoned professional in project management, holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Madras University, Chennai. With over 30 years of experience, he has made significant contributions to the industry.

Starting at Larsen & Toubro’s hydrocarbon division, Suresh quickly rose to leadership positions and played a crucial role in India’s inaugural Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) project. Upon Joining RP Group, he brought his extensive experience to the table, becoming a driving force behind the group’s global operations for the past 20 years.

Mr. Kandasubburaj is an integral part of the RP group and heads GAEP as the Managing Director. As a Mechanical Engineering graduate, he brings with him an extensive track record of over three decades in the dynamic realm of Oil and Gas Projects. He worked with some of the most esteemed entities in the world.

During his journey with the RP Group, he has honed his expertise across the complete spectrum of the Project Life Cycle, demonstrating remarkable proficiency in managing ventures spanning Refining, Petrochemicals, Gas Processing, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), Specialty Chemicals, as well as Cement and Sugar industries. His role in driving projects for industry leaders stands as a testament to his reputation for excellence and ability to thrive in high-pressure environments. His contributions have played an instrumental role in the success and seamless execution of various projects within these sectors.

He is a visionary leader with an unparalleled commitment to innovation and strategic growth. Under his guidance, the company is poised to set a benchmark, fostering a culture of excellence and driving unparalleled success through forward-thinking initiatives.

Mr. Subbarao Ayyagari, our Director of Operations at GAEP, is a civil engineering graduate with an illustrious career spanning 32 years. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Subbarao has showcased exceptional performance in various project management roles. His expertise includes specialized areas such as meticulous planning, precise scheduling, and efficient cost management, all of which he has adeptly applied across a spectrum of industries including power, oil and gas, mining & metallurgy, aluminium refineries, and captive power plants.

Mr. Subbarao has played pivotal roles in FEED (Front-End Engineering Design), EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), and PMC (Project Management Consultancy), contributing significantly to the successful execution of numerous projects. His wealth of experience and dedication to excellence make him an invaluable asset.

In his current capacity as Director of Operations at GAEP, he oversees the seamless functioning of various departments and ensures the effective execution of projects through strategic planning, strong leadership, project management, client relations, and technology integration.

Mr. Hariharan Veeramuthu holds a pivotal position as the Director of the IT division and is an integral member of the core leadership team at GAEP. In this capacity, he not only oversees the strategic direction of the IT department but also plays a critical role in providing advisory services pertaining to both IT and overall business strategy to the leadership of GAEP. A seasoned professional with an impressive track record spanning over 23 years, his trajectory shows leading large-scale business transformation programs. His expertise lies in driving strategic initiatives with a specific emphasis on IT Strategy, Digital Transformation, End-to-End Delivery, Organizational Leadership, and Growth.

Mr. Veeramuthu holds an MSc degree in IT from WMG, at The University of Warwick. His expertise extends beyond conceptualization, as he excels in executing and delivering on these strategies. This is facilitated by his exceptional management and technical skills, which allow him to leverage both established and cutting-edge technologies to maximum effect. He has a keen eye for identifying opportunities within the technological landscape and possesses the acumen to direct strategies that yield tangible results. One of Hariharan’s distinctive strengths lies in his ability to establish and nurture robust relationships with stakeholders on a global scale and has helped drive various transformations by ensuring buy-in at various levels within the organization.

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